piano accordion

 Versatile and capable of producing many styles of music eg. French cafe, Scottish and Irish, Folk, Jazz —- you name it and it can be played on the accordion and because of its portability, you can play in groups with others of varying abilities or join in folk sessions as well as simply playing for your own pleasure.

The Piano Accordion tends to suit beginners who can already read music or play the piano, as the instrument is very logically laid out, and of course has a familiar right hand keyboard.

How Many Bass buttons?
The size of the instrument is usually denoted by the number of bass buttons which are arranged in rows of 6 buttons for each key: counter bass, bass, then major chord, minor, seventh, and diminished. A 120 bass with 41 treble keys is the full size model.
The size, ideal for beginners, is the 48 bass, usually with 6 rows of 8, allowing accompaniment in the keys of Bb, F, C, G, D, & A.

You can start with a small accordion (48 bass) and progress to a larger instrument, a 72, a 96 or even the full size 120 bass .

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