The Web

The Web.  TTBB sheet music

                                                        words and music by Elizabeth Sidebotham

Spider spin your web, spider spin your web,
Whilst the world’s asleep, in the forest deep
spin silken threads while the  tides flow and ebb.
Weave your delicate snare, weave your delicate snare
While the foxes prowl and the tawny owl transfixes his prey with a stare.
Lace your sticky thread, lace your sticky thread
And in the light of morn dewy pearls adorn the captured and the dead, the captured and the dead.
Spider spin your web, spin your web, spider spin your web.
Such beauty masks your lethal task
Shining like the moon, your silver, silk cocoon. Weave your delicate snare
Weave your delicate snare, within your bow’r, twixt leaf and flow’r
With silk no thicker than a hair .
Lace your silver thread , lace your silver thread.
 in the light of the morn dewy pearls will adorn the captured, the dying and the dead, the captured, the dying and the dead.