The Glade

THE GLADE  TTBB Sheet music

( 2nd prize winning entry in the International composers’ competition 2005 )

                           words and music by Elizabeth Sidebotham

What magic I beheld when first I stumbled o’er this dell

A paradise of green where roots like serpents lie entwined

Moss cool and ivy thick creeps winding round and climbing up the boughs.

Sunlight plays on dappled leaves and shoots its piercing glare between the branches to show’r cascades of diamonds into a babbling stream.
Enchanted by the scene, what would I give to stay, to dwell among these mottled boulders, amid these trembling ferns.
No winter wind could rent this glade nor the weight of snow destroy.
I shall return on a winter’s morn to see the sparkling rime and feel the brittle branches.
But ’til then lie still untouched, unseen by other eyes than mine