The Art of Fudge TTBB

The Art of Fudge  TTBB    (which proves you can write a song about anything)

words and music by Elizabeth Sidebotham

Have you ever wondered how to make fudge? Well here’s a recipe.
 Sugar and salt with some butter and some oil, and lots of lovely Cornish cream.
Take a heavy pan and get your cooker hot, in Celcius that’s a hundred and ten degrees,
if you don’t possess a thermometer you’d better find some ice and a cool cup of water or some tea.
You will require a square shaped tin and grease it well or your fudge will stick, stick, stick, stick.
 A good sharp knife and a stirring spoon. Not too much tasting. It will make you very sick, very sick.
If you have an apron you had better put it on for we’re just about to start so following the recipe, utensils close at hand.
In a heavy pan you brown a cup of sugar, then slowly add the cream.
Butter and oil and syrup and some salt, then heat until it all begins to steam.
Cook the mixture tis it reaches boiling point, which in Fahrenheit’s three hundred and twenty degrees.
 If you don’t have a thermometer you’ll know when it is done  by dropping little balls into some ice cold tea.
 Remove the pan from the heat of the stove and beat like fury. If ever it were glossy, ’twill not be glossy any more.It should take on the appearance of a puree.
Pour into a greased square tin and allow the mixture to stand.
 This may take some time, but it must be cool and hard, it must be cool and hard.
When you can turn the fudge out onto a cutting board.
It’s delicious when cold !


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