At Nightfall. TTBB


At Nightfall. TTBB sheet music

                                                                             words and music by Elizabeth Sidebotham

Shadows start to lengthen and soon it’s Twilight’s magic hour.
All the birds and bees and flowers and trees are spellbound in its pow’r.
Slow and stealthy darkness creeps across the lawn.
One last blackbird flutters to his branch, his refuge til the dawn.
As a pale moon rises .
There’s a stirring in the leaves, night eyes begin to shine
Badger, hedgehog, tawny owl and the wily fox is on the prowl
Light gives way to darkness like scenes within a play, a symphony of silence plays out the close of day
Nightfall is a time for reflection upon the things which please or appall
We might pray for a brighter day, as we contemplate at nightfall.
At nightfall