A Village Drowned

A Village Drowned TTBB

                                                                             words and music by Elizabeth Sidebotham

In a valley, time forgotten was my home, was my home
In dark and watery depths in my mind. Like a fish still I play
But the memories fade
I used to watch the sun as it played upon the rocks, as it played upon the rocks
And hear the chime of the old church clock
One, strikes the hour, two the seconds ticking, three the hand of time, Four moves slowly on. The moment’s nigh
Then they came with their bulldozers and their trucks. Is there no shame?
And the place I had known as a boy, and the life I had lived was washed away
A vast stretch of water is all you can see
My village, my home all gone and my friends where are they now?
And in the name of progress, lost with my dreams, lost