In Search of Whales

catch is a type of round, a musical composition in which two or more voices (usually at least three) repeatedly sing the same melody, beginning at different times. Often ending with a meaningful lyric sung by the successive voices, in this case  ” dock – tore – Oi – whales ”

It’s a bit like compiling a crossword puzzle, you need to know the result before you begin to put it together.

In Search of Whales     TTBB

                                                                                                       music and lyrics by Elizabeth Sidebotham

A passion for fish and a deep seated wish has led me to search for whales.
After kissing a halibut I’ve been quite celibate. A shark through my wetsuit once tore.
When dolphins start to pick on me and trout swim by to tickle me
I take off my mask and shout  Oi !
And so I’ve taken up oceanography and underwater photography and I’m looking out for whales, here in Falmouth dock.