Choral. TTBB

“The Hedgehog Song” TTBB.  winning entry of the International Festival’s Composers’ competition

“Oh Puss” TTBB. also performed at the International Festival of Male Voice Choirs

More of my choral music

The Smugglers TTBB

Just Rockin’. TTBB

The Glade TTBB

A Village Drowned TTBB

Partners in Crime TTBB

I’m Walking Your Way TTBB

The Humble Snail TTBB

The Clocktower TTBB

At the Fair TTBB

A Tale of the Sea  TTBB

The Web TTBB

The Art of Fudge TTBB

In Search of Whales  TTBB or SATB.    (what a catch ! )

A Secret Summer. TTBB

Gold Leaves TTBB

At Nightfall. TTBB

Roll With the Ocean. TTBB

Shadows TTBB

Sheet music for all of these pieces for TTBB male voices is available. Please use the contact form below.